Learn the way of the pie with our chef, Katie Chaney.

Join us across the street from the store at the iconic, original Hester Home for a cooking class taught by Owner and Executive Chef, Katie Chaney.

There's a Class for EVERYONE.

Our classes are instructor-led and demonstated, meaning anyone - no matter their culinary skill level - can enjoy the session.

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FEATURED CLASS: KIDS Vegan/GF Ice Cream Sandwiches - Baking & Decorating

March 18, 2023: 3p - 4p
March 25, 2023: 3p - 4p

Price is per child; max six kiddos per class

Do you have ICE CREAM LOVERS in your family?! If so, this is the class for you! We will spend one hour hands-on together baking our signature snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies (ALWAYS GF AND VEGAN!), and then mix up a delish vanilla ice cream to sandwich between the cookies! Everyone in the family is guaranteed a yummy treat at the end of the class!

Location: At the new Hester Home, located across the street from Hester General Store (233 Thomas Mill Road, Easley, SC 29640)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the style of your cooking classes?
While we love a good hands-on cooking class, we think it can be prohibitive for folks who are not super confident in their cooking abilities! Generally speaking, the style of our cooking class will be teacher led, allowing you as chef-in-training to watch Chef Katie in the kitchen, take notes, ask questions, and watch the magic happen. There will be moments during the class where you could try your hand at a certain skill like mixing batters or pie crusts.

Classes that do require more “hands on” work will be denoted in their class description!

What does a typical menu include?

We offer a variety of different menus at Hester General Store, ranging from Southern to German to Creole. If you can dream it, we can too. All menus generally include a main course and a dessert, because is it really a meal without a dessert? Drinks are always provided, though we do not mind if you want to bring your own drinks for our dinners! 

Do you support a variety of allergens/dietary restrictions?
Always! Inclusivity at Hester General Store means everything. Have someone with a peanut allergy? It’s no problem! We even work with sugar-free or restrictive menu requests. Contact us and we are sure to accommodate!