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Hester General Store

Sheep for Peeps Experience - GVL Delivery (April 6th, 2023)

Sheep for Peeps Experience - GVL Delivery (April 6th, 2023)

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It's baaaaaaaaa-ck!

We are collaborating with our friends at Montgomery Sky Farm once again to delivery Easter goodies to you and your family with our best friends.... baby LAMBS!

Your delivery will include an Easter Cake Kit (see below!) delivered by the most adorable baby lambs. And YES - you can snuggle the babes and take pictures to your heart's content!

Our Easter cake will be a DIY kit so you can get your whole family involved in cake decorating festivities. My grandmother made a signature Bunny Cake for my mom every Easter - so this is a family heirloom passed from mine to yours this season! Each kit will include two cake rounds, icing, and a video tutorial (including my mom and daughter - three generations!) so you can experience a magic moment this Easter.

We've got add-ons - including swag from Hester General Store and Montgomery Sky Farm - that make wonderful Easter basket additions! 

We have delivered to all kinds of places - including daycares, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, homes, and offices. If you want a sheep, we will make it haaaaaaaaa-ppen. 

We have TWO delivery dates to choose from. This listing is for GVL deliveries (April 6th, 2023) within 15 miles of Downtown Greenville. If you are looking for GREENVILLE, SC deliveries (April 7th, 2023) within 15 miles of Downtown Greenville, please click here.


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Ingredient FAQ

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We primarily use locally sourced ingredients in all of our seasonal products, and rely on many value-added vendors to supplement our always-made-in-house products, including:

- Holmes Sweet Home
- TUFT Confectionary 
- MacGregor Orchard
- Rambling Rosa Farm
- Bee Well Honey
- Bio-Way Farm
- Carolina Ground

We also responsibly source bulk items, like butters, flours, or sugars, from distribution partners in the Upstate of SC and Foothills of NC.

Are any of your items gluten free or vegan?

Yes! We feature a number of gluten free or vegan treats as part of our core offerings. We also have developed an incredible vegan and gluten free ice cream that will be available for purchase soon!

Do you use any dyes or synthetic food colorings?

Not really! We prioritize natural food coloring in our products. Sometimes, we will create our own sanding sugars using food colorings for specialty items, and we will always point this out in the product description.

Are you hiring?

We’d love to learn more about you and if you’d make a great fit for the Hester General Store team! You can find open jobs here.

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A Brief History of

  • 1893

    - Michael Hester builds a store at the
    crossroads of Thomas Mill Road and
    Hester Store Road
    - First floor is a general merchandise store
    - Upstairs is a barber shop

  • 1920

    - Michael Hester dies
    - Oldest son Frank inherits the store
    - Frank turns over management of store to his sister Anne. She turns upstairs into a clothing store

  • 1966

    - Anne Hester dies, effectively ending the store's general merchandise business
    - Frank continues to open on a limited basis as a gathering spot only

  • 1981 - 1982

    - Frank Hester dies
    - One year later, store sold at auction

  • 2013

    Hester Store listed on the National
    Register of Historic Places

  • 2021

    - Hester Store purchased by Anderson, SC native Katie Chaney (that's me!) for the purpose of returning the store to its former glory as a general store and bakery

    - Renamed Hester General Store